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When we learn why we do the things we do, we are able to focus on healing our wounds and changing our own behaviors. We will then begin to grow, mature, develop true character, and develop healthy relationships. Life Skills will give you the information and tools you need to reach your fullest potential in any area of your life, including personal relationships. We will help you break the cycle of family issues that go from generation to generation. Watch the video and hear from the founder of Life Skills, Dr. Paul Hegstrom.

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The newly released account by Judy Hegstrom of her life as a survivor of abuse. Read as she describes the details of her marriage, divorce and remarriage to her husband Paul, and how much was hidden from the people around them. Learn how she was able to cope with the hurt, pain and rejection of being in an abusive relationship and how she could fall in love again with the man that abused her. This book is a must-read for those who are struggling with their own situation or want to share a lifeline with someone they know who needs to hear about hope, survival and comfort.

Judy Hegstrom Releases New Book....
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Dr. Paul's INSIGHT

All of her life she felt that she didn't have to deal with the pain of her past. "That was then, and this is now. It doesn't affect me at all. I don't want to go there." In the last few hours of her life, however, she did what we call "contrition." She was a child on her deathbed and scared to die. She wanted to confess not only the wounds of her childhood, but the sin in her life. I had the opportunity to talk with her as she lay there; offering hope and healing even in the last moments of her life. In the end, she breathed her last breath having made peace with her past.

The wounds of childhood
                      will affect us for a lifetime.

The brain freezes when we have been wounded by rejection, incest, molestation, emotional abuse, and physical abuse below the age of puberty. Traditional therapy calls this fixation. We call it arrested development. The brain is missing three chemicals before puberty: Serotonin, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine. When the brain freezes due to a wound, it activates the adrenal system. The adrenal glands then push back the healing chemicals that normally kick in at puberty to help us grow and mature. As a result, our wounds drive our behavior for the rest of our lives because they have not been healed. We didn't have the chemicals we needed at the time to bring healing.

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