Who We Are

       Since 1985, Life Skills International has worked with some of the most difficult and almost impossible situations in people's lives, bringing wholeness, healing, and maturity; making the impossible, possible.


What is the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum? 

                                          The curriculum was originally created to support and aid people involved in abusive relationships. However, Life Skills has proven to fine-tune and bring enrichment to any relationship, whether abuse is present or not. 

          We have discovered that past hurts shared within the group setting have common root issues. Most adults have personal experience with abuse or rejection at some point in their lives. The common issues can be one or a combination of physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, economic, and even silent abuse, along with stalking, rejection, and other forms of manipulation and control.

          Proving itself very effective, the "Learning to Live, Learning to Lovecurriculum developed by Dr. Paul Hegstrom is also currently being taught in small group settings worldwide.

          Life Skills International reaches out to people who find themselves in situations from "just a few speed bumps" in their relationships, to some of the most difficult issues in life, that almost require an "emergency room" to begin the healing process.




Heidi (Hegstrom) Stupavsky is the daughter of Dr. Paul and Judy Hegstrom, Founders of Life Skills International.

Heidi has worked for Life Skills, formerly DVP Learning Centers, Inc. since 1985. She is very familiar with all aspects of Life Skills since she has worked in every area of the company, including being the Executive Director of her own Life Skills Affiliate where she taught women's and youth classes. She was privileged to work with Columbine students and their mothers. Heidi also traveled with her parents from 1985-1989, touring the U.S. presenting the program to Women's Shelters and churches. As a result, she was interviewed along with her parents on programs such as: Focus on the Family, 700 Club, D. James Kennedy, USA Today, and other local television stations.

In the Spring of 2017 Heidi was voted in as President after the passing of her father, Dr. Paul. She believes in the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" program because it was what brought their broken family back together. She faced many issues of her own, and was able to become free of behaviors that caused her to react to the abuse she endured as a child.