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Life Skills International
Becoming a Whole Person  MP3 Set
Dr. Paul Hegstrom is an expert in the areas of Arrested Development and Domestic Violence. He is the Founder of Life Skills International in Aurora, Colorado.

     These MP3's are from a keynote session at the 2009 "Reclaim the 7 Mountains of Culture" International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, covers the topics of Abuse, Parental Management and Arrested Development. This set also includes information on the brain, controlling Reactive Lifestyles, and Guilt and Shame.     Total Run Time approx: 3hrs
Rejection  CD Set
Rejection in the original family is worse than a terminal disease, for the disease has an end date. However the effects of rejection can last a lifetime and can affect all aspects of our lives and relationships.

This clinic, presented by Dr. Paul Hegstrom and captured on a 2-CD set, will certainly help anyone understand and overcome the pain associated with rejection.
Arrested Development
The Brain
Childhood Wounds
Domestic Violence
Male-Female Differences
Shame and Guilt
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If Anger exists, then an emotional source also exists. This series of 4 CDs is designed as a self-help tool. They will help you trace the roots of your Anger, identify the sources and help you to start the process of defining and resolving the emotions tied to your personal hurts and Anger.
Understanding My Anger  CD Set
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