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Arrested Development
Life Skills International
From Shame to Guilt, Godís Way
Dr. Paul Hegstrom explains the biblical difference between Shame and Guilt, and gives instruction how to move to the type of relationship God intends for you. Learn to unlock the chains of Shame in your life and walk in freedom and maturity.

These 19 lessons, on 5 DVDs, take you from diagnosing and understanding Shame, finding the root cause of our Shame, and taking the road to health and recovery.
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Confronting Your Anger
Dr. Paul Hegstrom was an abusive husband and father. His pattern of abuse and reactive behavior drove him to divorce his wife, abandon his children and nearly lose his life. He has since made a complete recovery, remarried his wife and restored his family. The seminars in this 4-DVD set were filmed at the Studio City Cafe and on "The New Jim Bakker Show". After watching these classes, you will be better equipped to confront your anger and the behaviors blocking personal intimacy within any relationship, and to understand the root causes of the behaviors.
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Becoming a Whole Person
Dr. Paul Hegstrom is an expert in the areas of Arrested Development and Domestic Violence. He is the Founder of Life Skills International in Aurora, Colorado.

     These MP3's are from a keynote session at the 2009 "Reclaim the 7 Mountains of Culture" International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, covers the topics of Abuse, Parental Management and Arrested Development. This set also includes information on the brain, controlling Reactive Lifestyles, and Guilt and Shame.     Total Run Time approx: 3hrs
Arrested Development
The Brain
Childhood Wounds
Domestic Violence
Male-Female Differences
Shame and Guilt
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