mi·sog·y·nist    me-sä-ja-nist  : a hatred of women
   1. He's a Knight in shining armor.  "I'll save you."

  2.  He'll zero in on a woman.  He chooses her.

  3.  He's extremely possessive.... always wanting to know where you are and who you are with.

  4.  He's obsessively jealous... even of your women friends.

  5.  He has first class spending habits... always wanting more.

  6.  He can't stand criticism; always on the defense.

  7.  He's exciting, fun and charismatic.

  8.  He is a product of a dysfunctional family.

  9.  He had a poor relationship with his mother.  He had an abusive or passive father.

10.  His view of reality is distorted.

11.  He is uncomfortable with feelings; contemptuous of others' weaknesses.

12.  He has problems with authority figures.

13.  If you share a secret with him it may be used against you.

14.  "If you really love me, you would......”  Unspoken threat of withdrawal if you don't comply to his wishes.

15.  He makes fun of you, calls you names and inflicts little digs (hostile humor).

16.  You feel awkward and incompetent around him.  You feel controlled.

17.  He embarrasses you in public or flatters you in public then cuts you down when you're alone.

18.  He is nasty behind the wheel and feels that others’ mistakes on the road are directed toward him.

19.  He wants or demands your undivided attention.  He wants you available when he wants you.

20.  His cruelty may be directed toward animals.
  21.  He has a dual personality (Jekyl & Hyde).

  22.  He has grandiose behavior; is cocky, controlling, and self centered.

  23.  He is preoccupied with sex and is sexually controlling.

  24.  He is competitive.  He must always win.  Everything is his way or no way at all.

  25.  He enjoyed playing with fire as a child.

  26.  He is or was involved in a violent sport.  What is he doing now?

  27.  He comes on too strong.

  28.  He believes in the traditional role modeling and roles.

  29.  He is an habitual liar; he twists facts to make it look as if he were the victim.

  30.  He has high / low mood swings (extreme mood swings).
31.  He takes no responsibility for anything.  He blames others/things/circumstances for his behavior.

32.  He treats you rough at times; twisting your arm, grabbing, shoving.

33.  He is nice to others, but treats you badly (shows no respect).

34.  He steals, uses people, cheats them out of their money, always borrowing to spend on himself and
        then doesn't pay back the loan.

35.  He professes to be "religious" then attacks your religious beliefs.

36.  He gives gifts and then demands favors.

37.  He makes jokes and puts down women in front of you, then ridicules you if you get upset.

38.   He encourages pity from others.  He tells stories about how he was victimized all his life and that no
        one really ever loved him (you feel sorry for him).

39.   He constantly cuts down your friends and family and tries to keep you isolated from them.  When you
        do get together with them, he wants you to tell him everything that was said and makes you account
        for all the time you were away.

40.  He is very impatient and when he gets angry he will destroy property.

41.  He is overly sensitive and sulks when he does not get his own way.

42.       He tells you everything to do; what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and even what to wear.